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Excuse the ugliness, i cant seem to find the file of the font I ususally use.

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You know DQ is from Illinois right?

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That’s cool.

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I'm 18 years old, and was born and raised in Texas. A sad, sad day is coming...I'm moving out of state! Wish me luck :(

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ahhh, that is so exciting!

good luck:D

don’t be sad, Texas is awesome, but change is never a bad thing.

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Hey r u even a real Texan???

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…honestly? YES, I am a real Texan. what kind of question is that?

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I've been on your blog for the past few hours. I have yet to find an inaccurate post. I'm reblogging everything in sight. Love your blog! <3

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I'm sorry but....I hate being texan...

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that’s unfortunate.

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i'm gonna guess you go to or are a tech fan?

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just a fan:)

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A Texan will never turn down baked goods.

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It wouldn't be a bad thing, I think they'd enjoy it Texans are very homely, so I'd suggest you find out what they parents may like or something along those lines, you know?

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In texas, it's more like instead of walking out with things, you walk out 10 pounds heavier. At least in my part of Texas.

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